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We do our best to be understanding, as we know that life happens and emergencies are real – but please take into consideration that we are blocking out a significant amount of time specifically for you and your appointment, which allows us to make sure that we have enough time to give your hair the attention it needs. Due to the complex nature of the extension process and color work process, when you cancel we are not able to rebook your spot immediately.  Our stylists suffer a loss of income if you cancel or do not show up to your scheduled appointment. Please refer to the following chart for our cancellation policy:

Cancellation Time FrameTotal fee retained by Brushd
Between 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time50% of the full fee quoted, inclusive of the retainer paid upon booking
24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time75% of the full fee quoted, inclusive of the retainer paid upon booking
Same Day/No Show100% of the full fee quoted, inclusive of the retainer paid upon booking


After missing an appointment without notice, you may be required to pre-pay for your future appointment. Brushd retains the right to refuse to schedule a future appointment with you after a missed appointment.


Brushd reserves the right to reschedule any appointment if you arrive later than fifteen (15) minutes after your scheduled appointment time. In this instance you will be charged for the full service. Guest acknowledges that a late arrival of up to fifteen (15) minutes may result in a failure to complete the services as scheduled, however the quoted fee will remain unchanged despite a shortened service time period.


We are here to provide a calm and relaxing space for our clients. To respect each guest’s appointment time and offer them an intimate experience, please understand we cannot allow you to bring children or additional guests to your appointment. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


The application process allows us to gather information about you, your hair journey and your goals. This will allow us to determine if we are able to help you reach your hair goals and provide you with the ultimate extension and color experience. 

Providing this information will also assist us in scheduling your appointment by discussing your desired level of stylist, length of appointment, pricing, and your availability.  We have also added general information such as a generic pricing range and maintenance information to allow you to review these factors prior to your consultation.

Extensions are not for everybody.  While we would love you to be part of the Brushd family of clients, the application process may not always result in an appointment for services.


The first consultation is done over the phone averaging about 15-20 minutes using the information provided to us on your application.  For extensions, a quote is based on the number of rows you need and the length of your hair, among other factors.   For color work, a quote is based on the current color of your hair and the services needed to achieve your desired outcome.  The consultation allows us to properly answer any questions you may have. If you prefer an in person consultation, that can be arranged. A second consultation is done with your stylist on the day of your appointment!


Once you have decided to move forward given the quote provided, a non-refundable retainer of Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars is required to schedule and secure your appointment for extensions. This sum will go towards the total price paid for your extensions, the remaining balance of which will be due on the day of your appointment. If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, the retainer is non-refundable.


Brushd will send out a reminder regarding your appointment at least one (1) day prior to your appointment.  If we or our scheduling system are unable to call or reach you, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and potential cancellation fees.


Please be sure your hair is shampooed, blown out and free of tangles and product – styling product with be added accordingly.


The day you’ve waited for! We will go over the process start to finish, what to expect, and best of all: give you the hair you’ve always dreamt of! 

Allow us to take care of you while you relax, unwind and enjoy being pampered! Need to work? No worries- we have WIFI. Want to sit back and binge some shows? We got you covered too! It’s your time and we want it to be exactly what you want it to be.

PRO TIP: We love when clients come in wearing neutrals and a little make up, so they feel their best when taking ‘after’ photos.


We cannot be responsible for loss or damage to personal articles, including clothing, jewelry, phones and accessories.  We are not responsible for any hair left at the salon.


I understand that chemical treatments have different effects on different hair types and colors. I agree to hold Brushd and the stylist harmless in the event of unexpected or undesired results. I understand that any further alterations or corrections will be provided at my own expense. I have had the process and possible results adequately explained to me. I understand that previous treatments and chemical services can continue to have an effect on my hair. It has been recommended to me that I fully disclose my previous treatments to my stylist prior to the treatment. I understand that my stylist is a certified technician who will try his or her best to create my desired results. I also understand that coloring extension hair is never guaranteed. I understand that if the extension hair has been colored and any additional chemical process has been performed, this may cause more damage to the hair and/or shorten the lifespan of the hair. I understand that if I choose to alter the hair color in any way that I am doing so at my own discretion and there will not be any refunds on the hair.


Guests are provided seven (7) days to inform their stylist of any dissatisfaction with the services rendered. While we are unable to refund any fee for services after they have been completed, we will work to help you achieve your initial vision at no additional charge.