IBE® Hair Extensions Home Care Guide

Washing hair more often will shorten the life of your extensions.

  • Brush hair thoroughly before washing. 
  • Shampoo 2 times to cleanse the scalp. 
  • Washing and rinsing in-between multiple rows. 
  • Apply conditioner from mids to ends.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo 1x a month to remove any product build up.

Apply Hair Masque as needed.


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Brush out extensions with wet brush daily and before washing.

  • Hold the hair in a ponytail, and brush bottom to top.
  • Be sure to brush right up to the top of your row. 
  • NOT TOUCHING THE RIDGE, place your hand on top of the row for guidance. This will keep natural hair clean and combed out in between rows. This helps prevent deep tangles and matting.


Never let sunscreen or suntan oil touch the extension hair.

Avoid products that have Avobenzone,
this will turn your hair PEACH. This is not reversible & likely your hair will need to be replaced. This can occur if your hair is submerged in a pool that has sunscreen floating on the surface. Use an extensions-friendly sunscreen like GoldieLocks' Sheer Mineral Sunscreen.

Also be mindful of self tanners and spray tans. This can transfer and tint your extensions, especially blondes.

Blondes & Brondes

  • Gently towel dry your hair.
  • Squeeze excessive water out, do not rub. 
  • On towel dried hair use a leave in detangler and hair oil to ensure extra hydration. 
  • Top off with a Heat Protectant, to insure long lasting hair extensions.
  • Brush thoroughly with a wet brush or boars head bristle brush. 
  • Use fingers to dry hair 80% of the way focusing on the top of each row, then finish with wet brush or round brush to smooth. 

Drying & Styling

Always wear your hair up in a loose bun or top knot. This will reduce friction and pulling on your rows. 

When wearing your hair up or back, find the beginning of the row and lightly pull on this section to release any tension. This will insure a comfortable & healthy scalp.


This will ruin your extensions and they will need to be replaced.


NOT recommended but can be done if necessary care steps are taken.

During pool or beach days, if submerging hair can not be avoided,
  • Rinse with tap water first then apply leave in conditioner and put in a bubble braid or bun.
  • Wash & Brush well immediately after. 
  • Rehydrate with deep conditioner immediately.


  • Sunglasses
  • Flipping up glasses
  • Hats, tight headbands & sports helmets
  • Bags over your shoulder
  • Rough adult time ;)

Habits to be mindful of

Hard water has high mineral content. This can cause extreme color fading, build up and dryness.

Using a shower filter is recommended. 

Hard Water

  • NEVER EVER GO TO BED WITH WET OR DAMP HAIR. This will ruin your extensions and they will need to be replaced.
  • Use stylist recommend products
  • Silk pillowcases are great
  • Use a Leave In Conditioner & Daily Serum 

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